Reasonable Company is trying to do good work for humans and screens.

Reasonable Company is the values-led, purpose-driven design and creative practice of Matthew Howell.

Located on the beautiful and indefatigable World Wide Web, Reasonable Company has an institutional bias toward making durable artifacts and doing a very certain kind of work. It is, perhaps, a bit of an odd bird.

Reasonable Company wants to work with you.

Are you a human in need of good work for other humans or screens? Reasonable Company may be able help. We plan, design, and build reasonably nice web experiences for all kinds of people and organizations.

We read emails.

Reasonable Company does a very certain kind of work.

Reasonable Company designs open-source color systems, prints generative citrus fruits on paper, and writes little open-source HTML documents.

Reasonable Company is a very certain kind of company.

Reasonable Company also clearly and publicly states its purpose, publishes its values, gives money to causes that align with those values, writes little capitalism-agnostic mantras, maintains a public style guide for its brand and reads emails.

Recent Artifacts

Reasonable Company exists to produce durable artifacts for the public good.